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RIP Ryan Dunn

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"you're still an innocent"
est. november 2011

Anonymous said: Lol I love crown royal

Haha Same! It’s one of my favorites

joeyfilth said: Holy shit. I feel so dumb right now. But I'm sure you know the gif of Bam when he said Who gives a shit?! Well I'm wondering which video it's from. Total brain far right now :(

I know it’s from the making of a music video and I believe it’s from one of the HIM one’s. I can’t seem to find it right now though I keep looking!

Anonymous said: Do You know what Bam's preferred alcohol drink is??

I pretty sure Bam will drink pretty much anything but I know he loves his whiskey, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels are two of his favorites. He and Novak both share a love of Crown Royal too.