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"you're still an innocent"
est. november 2011

Anonymous said: Not so much into the blog anymore? Or just busy this summer? I don't mean to sound offensive.. just curious! Thanks! xo

I’m still very much into this blog! The problem is, I’m home for the summer and I have no internet at home. I’m also working 45ish hours a week so the little free time I have is devoted to sleeping and eating. Summer has always been a rough patch for this blog unfortunately :( but I’ll be back in full swing soon! I haven’t forgotten about you guys

Anonymous said: do you know if they are making another jackass movie?

I don’t know if they’re making another

Anonymous said: Do you know where I could see bam's unholy union for free?

I don’t know where you can watch it for free and I don’t really promote that either. It’s really cheap to buy the DVD off of Amazon and then you have it forever and you’re supporting Bam so it’s a win/win situation I think

Anonymous said: Do you know how Jess met his wife, Kelly? Did they go to high school together? Or did they meet at a random CKY show? I think she's from the same Westchester area as he is so I've always been curious. Thank you!

I’m not sure of the specifics behind how they met, but I believe Kelly is from the West Chester area 

toppled said: how come you never put groups of gifs (or pictures) that go together in photosets?

I don’t know. I like the individual pictures better I guess

she-breathes-hate said: Do you know if there is a way to meet Novak?

You can meet Novak at any Fuckface Unstoppable show. He goes to most of them

pinkolik said: Why doesn't Bam have a daughter or son?

I guess he’s just never really wanted one

Anonymous said: Do you like Nikki or missy better?

I can’t say I like either of them more than the other. To me, they are hard to compare and completely different people