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est. november 2011
  Anonymous said:
Hey there! I was looking through the Unholy Union tag, and the first image on the first page is a gif of bam jumping into a car in the street. Do you know what that is from? Is there additional footage from the show or is it form something else from around that time? Either way I am super curious! I am so glad you are back!

Okay so I’m almost positive it’s from the actual show. Of course, I don’t have my DVD at school with me so I can’t put it in and try and figure out what episode. I believe it was one of those quick scenes before commercial breaks. I tried searching around online and couldn’t find which episode it is. If it’s not from the actual show, it may have been a deleted scene. The deleted scenes were only put on the Australian version of the DVD. There used to be a few on YouTube but all the videos have since been taken down. I haven’t watch Unholy Union in the longest time so unfortunately my memory is foggy. I’ll be home this weekend and I can grab my copy of the DVD and see if I can find it though!